The sun starts to peek above the horizon. Dew is still on the bushes and on the grass. Birds start their morning symphony and nature slowly but surely starts to wake.

Precisely during this awakening, when nature prepares for a new day, it’s one of best moments to go on a walk. Tag along with a Forest Ranger who can tell you all about nature and the dawn of the day.


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Morning Hike with a Forest Ranger
Tag along with a forest ranger on a relaxed morning walk to get proper start of your day. Behold the dawn of the day, hear the birds whistle and smell the morning dew. During your walk, through National Park Lauwersmeer, the forest ranger will tell all about how nature prepares for a brand new day.

Price:       € 7,50

Duration:  1,5 hours.

Another World
Glimmering drops of dew on the leaves and on the grass. A slight mist over the water and a golden glow from the rising sun. When you put your full focus on nature you just might discover that is another world is visible during the morning. With the tips and instructions from the forest ranger you’ll see and hear things that you normally wouldn’t.

Morning Rituals
Both plants and animals have a real morning ritual. The cycle of nature is obviously heavily reliant on the sun. As soon as the first shimmers of sunlight hit the ground all sorts of things start to happen. The most recognizable, and best-known, are the birds. They regularly start their day with some stunning songs.

Pretty Pictures
If you know where to look, then you might be in for a surprise. Especially when during sunrise. Photographers have dubbed the sunrise and sundown as ‘the golden hour’. Magical moments where the sun emits a golden glow all over the landscape. A perfect time to shoot perfect pictures. So if you do own a camera, make sure to bring it with you!