For the true adventurers we’ve got a spectacular experience; an expedition with our rescueboat over the Waddensea.

Conquer the waves, feel the wind in your hair and feel the pull from the G-forces. During the expedition you’ll have a great chance of spotting some seals. Will you join us on this adventure?


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Rescueboot-Expeditie - Wadden Expeditie

€ 39,50 p.p.
Total duration
90 minutes
Waddenpavilion De Noorman (or Schiermonnikoog.)
A drink afterwards at Waddenpavilion De Noorman

Wadden Experience
Join us on our Wadden Experience and set sail across both the Waddensea and the North Sea. Experience all of the Wadden in a unique and adventurous manner.

We’ll pick you up at the Waddenpavilion De Noorman where you can leave your personal belongings. Next we’ll board the boat at the docks across De Noorman and we will set sail to the Waddensea.

In little over an hour we will visit all kinds of memorable sights of the sea at various speeds. Our experienced skipper will in the meantime tell you all about this stunning UNESCO World Heritage area.

During the expedition we will come across several sandbanks and plates and go look for some seals. We will visit the spot of the container disaster of 2019. We will tell you alle about the importance of the ‘Westgat’ and its dangers. We will encounter fishing-ships setting sail or returning to the harbour and obviously we will also see Schiermonnikoog and its famous light houses.

Experience all of the Wadden in one magnificent expedition, our very own Wadden Experience!

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Due to safety reason you have to be at least 8 years old.

This expedition is not suited for pregnant women or people with back pains.

On request this expedition is suited for the less-abled.