Although the rescueboat has a lot of power under the hood doesn’t mean that all of it has to be used. During the ‘Take It Easy’ cruise we’ll maintain an easy going and relaxed speeds take you along all the pretty places the Lauwersmeer Lake has to offer.

This cruise is best suited for smaller groups, from 6 up to 24 persons.


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€ 24,95 p.p.
Total duration
75 minutes
Waddenpavilion De Noorman

Take It Eay
A lovely easy going cruise and enjoying the environment, the water and each other. An intimate and more so fun cruise where the captain can tell you all about this stunning National Park.

 We’ll start at Waddenpavilion De Noorman where you can safely drop off your personal items. After we set out for a cruise of approximately one hour across the Lauwersmeer Lake.

The Lauwersmeer Lake is surprisingly large and offers loads of pretty locations that are worth taking a look. The Lauwersmeer area is one of the most important bird breeding grouns in Europe. This means there are a lot of special bird species you can spot. The impressive white-tailed eagle to name one.

But also mammals are easily spotted from the boat. Big grazers like the Scottish Highlanders and wilde horses. Also, otters have been re-introduced a couple of years ago. They are shy creatures so it might take a bit of luck and sharp sight if you want to spot one.

We’ll also tell you all about this remarkable sweet/salt water area. The Lauwersmeer Lake was originally linked to the sea and therefore salt watered. However, after closing it off from the sea in the 60’s it transformed to a sweet water lake which had a huge impact on the surrounding landscape. These changes are still visible.

After about an hour or so we will return to De Noorman where you can retrieve your personal items and enjoy a drink and bite.

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On request this expedition can be suited for the less-abled.

Bad Weather
Is it cold and dreary outside? Not to worry. Thanks to our special dry-suits you can stay both warm and dry.

Or if needed and when possible, we could use rescueboat BMS De Noorman where you can sit dry thanks to the cabin.

Only upon request
This expedition is not regularly scheduled in our activities agenda, we only set out upon request.

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