Whether you’re staying in one of the surrounding parks or if you’re just visiting for a day, there is always something to discover for the kids at Beleef Lauwersoog.

Are your kids joining in on one of the activities? Then we will, if possible, adjust the activity based on the youngest participant.

There is a lot to do and discover for children in Lauwersoog. Nature is quite a dominating theme at Beleef Lauwersoog. Nature gives kids – and obviously us adults as well – the feeling of freedom. Let your imagination run wild and discover!

For our guests there are numerous options to play freely in our playground and to let imagination take over.

It is also possible to organise a special party for kids, e.g. a birthday party.

''Tree trunks become climbing objects, nature is always nearby at Lauwersoog. The wonderous world of the woods and lake offers a lot of adventure and entertainment for kids. Adventurous kids will feel right at home in Lauwersoog and find a place where they can freely play, discover climb and crawl.''

Jelle Bos


Got something to celebrate? Organize a kids part that they will never forget.


Nature always plays a central theme in Lauwersoog. Let your fantasy run wild and enjoy all that nature’s got to offer.