Experience true nature, raw wilderness and remarkable flora and fauna on the former bottom of the sea with a Land Rover safari. In collaboration with the State Forrest Management you’ll find yourself on paths and fields that are normally restricted.

Under the guidance of a true Forest Ranger you’ll experience some true Dutch Wilderness in National Park Lauwersmeer.


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Land Rover Safari – Experience National Park Lauwersmeer
A safari on the former bottom of the sea. What is now a flourishing nature reserve was once the Lauwersea. A unique nature reserve with remarkable flora and fauna.

Suited for groups of 6 up to a maximum of 14 persons.

Price:        € 29,-

Duration:  +/- 2 hours

‘’Absolutely loved the ride in the Landrover alongside ‘Konik’ horses which live there in the wild. – I recommend this! Not just for adults by the way, but especially for the kids.’’
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Good to know!
Each Land Rover seats either 6 or 8 people. We have 2 Land Rover available with a total of 14 seats.

Did it rain a lot days prior tot the safari? Make sure to wear some boots or older shoes that are allowed to get dirty.

Do you own binoculars? Always a good idea to bring them along!

About National Park Lauwersmeer
Back in the day when Lauwersmeer and the Waddensea were still connected to each other sweet water used to get mixed up in the salt water. In 1969, out of fear of floods, a decision was made to build a dam separating sweet and salt water. It also exposed part of the sea bottom.

A stunning new nature reserve arose, with a huge appeal to all kinds of birds. The natural development of this place is so unique that is has been given the status of ‘National Park’.

Bird Watching
The Lauwersmeer is an important place for the bird migration. In the fall and spring the bird migration takes place and millions of birds fly all over the world. For some birds it is just a resting place to gain strength through feeding, for others it is a place to sit out the entire summer. In the winter you’ll find numerous geese that are sitting out the winter in the Lauwersmeer.

So no matter the time of year you visit this stunning area, there are always numerous special bird species around you can spot.