Beleef Lauwersoog &
Waddenpavilion De Noorman

Beleef Lauwersoog (which would translate to ‘experience Lauwersoog’) is the umbrella name that we use for all activities we organise such as the Land Rover Safari’s, Seal Watching Tours and Rescueboat Expeditions. We organise these activities from our Waddenpavilion which is called De Noorman.

As we use Beleef Lauwersoog to let you experience the stunning nature in and surrounding Lauwersoog, we use Waddenpavilion De Noorman to let you taste the Wadden region in a relaxed manner.

With a gorgeous panoramic view over both the harbour of Lauwersoog and the Waddensea. It definitely is the prettiest place on the Waddensea!

Waddenpaviljoen De Noorman

About Beleef Lauwersoog
The activities organised by Beleef Lauwersoog have the goal of letting you and your company experience an unforgettable day.

Personal attention and flexibility are core values of our staff. So please, never feel restrained to ask our staff for help or to provide them with feedback!

Waddenpavilion De Noorman
De Noorman is located of the far end of the pier in the Lauwersoog harbour. A fantastic location right beside the sea.

Enjoy a great view over the harbour and the Waddensea. If the weather is clear you can easily see the isle of Schiermonnikoog and her lighthouses.

De Noorman serves both deliciously tender meat dishes as well as fresh fish from the Wadden region. Let it be dinner, lunch or just a bite with drinks. All being both prepared and served with a deep rooted passion for our products.

Just like at Beleef Lauwersoog, our serving staff holds personal attention and flexibility in high regard. If you have any wishes, questions or feedback just let us know.

Hope to see you soon!