An intertidal walk is an unique and sportive experience in the midst of the World Heritage Wadden Sea.

The bottom of the Wadden Sea becomes exposed once the low tide sets in allowing you to walk on top of it. A unique must-do experience!


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Intertidal Walk – From Brakzand to Schiermonnikoog
Walking on the sea, it’s possible on the Wadden Sea. A boat will drop you off to the sandbank ‘Brakzand’ and from there you will walk to Schiermonnikoog. Afterwards the boat will bring you back to the mainland.

Price:            € 35,-
Age:              12 years and older
Duration:      3 hours
Length:        12 km

You need to have a good condition and be physically fit!

And I will bring along…
Intertidal walking is mostly done on a hard surface, but you will also encounter softer spots. Wear older clothes and shoes that are allowed to get dirty. We advise to wear the following:

– Shorts
– Warm sweater
– Windproof jacket
– Sturdy socks
– High and firm walking shoes with laces

Besides clothing advice we also recommend:

– Sunscreen
– Bottle of water
– Grape sugar (glucose) (for a quick energy boost)

We also advice to bring a waterproof backpack. Also bring a plastic bag that contains dry clothes, for after the walk. The same plastic bag can be used for your dirty clothes.

About Brakzand
Brakzand is sandbank in between Schiermonnikoog and Lauwersoog. The bank becomes accessible during low tide. A boat will bring you to this sandbank where the walk will being.

Brakzand consists mostly on hard soil that you can easily walk on. Yet, you’ll also encounter wet spots where you will slightly sink in the soil. Therefore, a good condition and physical fitness are required.

In approximately 12 km you’ll walk from the sandbank right to Schiermonnikoog. Once arrived you’ll have to option to spray yourself clean. Finally you’ll be brought back to shore by boat.  

Never, absolutely never go out on a intertidal walk on your own! You will put your life at risk.

Intertidal walks are organised in collaboration with ‘Dijkstra Intertidal Walks’ and are always under the guidance of an experienced guide.

Read these guidelines beforehand. A good preparation is always important for a safe and sound experience.