The Waddensea area is one of the biggest natural reserves in the Netherlands and offers a truly beautifully wilderness. The Lauwersmeer area is one the most important area’s for bird in West-Europa.

In this versatile landscape of water, isles, and rough grasslands there are hundreds of bird species that eat, brood and rest here. Aside from birds there are also numerous mammals to be found.


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Wildlife and Biketour with Guide
Join our forest ranger on a bicycle tour in the area of Maarnewaard. While cycling you’ll find all kinds of wild animals whom call this area there home. A stunning bicycle route with regular breaks so that the guide can tell you all sorts of info on these animals and the area.

Price:        € 7,50
Duration:   1,5 hours

Rent A Bike
Naturally  you’re allowed to bring your own bike. If you do not have a bike at your disposal you can rent one at the reception of the Siblu Camping Lauwersoog.

Mammals on the coast
The area surrounding Lauwersoog known many inhabitants. In the period between march and April you can find fighting male hares that are trying to impress the ladies. In the summer you can also find some ‘barking’ deer in the woods surrounding the Lauwersmeer area. In the same area you are also likely to find some big grazers like Konik horses and Scottish Highlanders.

In the eighties they went extinct, but now there are back in the Lauwersmeer area, the otter! Their population has been growing since a few years and they sure do seem to like it here.

 Where the isles are mostly free of natural predators they can be found on the shores. Although their numbers are limited their numbers are starting to rise due to the forests. You might spot some foxes, badgers, and martens. During dusk you also have a fair chance of encountering some bats.  

Bird Watching Hotspot
Lauwersoog and its surroundings are loved by bird watchers. Throughout the year there are hundreds of bird species. They are either migrating, coming here to brood or they have taken up residence permanently. Therefore this area is one of the most important breeding ground of West-Europe.

Scattered across the area there are many birdwatching cabins and lookouts to be found that making spotting the birds a lot easier. There are too many birds to list, but a few are definitely worth mentioning.  

As of 2011 a white-tailed eagle has been raised in the area, which had been a long time since that happened. As a token of honour, and to show just how big an eagle really is, a landmark made by Cortenstaaf has been placed containing a cut out of the bird’s actual size.

Other remarkable and known bird species are the peregrine falcon, ruff and kingfisher. These are quite hard to spot though! So if you are able to bring to binoculars definitely do so.