When you want to organise a special day for the whole family, organise a children’s party, set up a business event or when you’ve got any other reason to organise a special day, we are ready for it!

Ranging from just drinks to full multi-day outings, we can organise it all. If you know what you want, then we will make it happen. And even if you don’t know what you want exactly, we’ll inspire you with endless possibilities to create an unforgettable day.

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Simply call us or use the contact form below to get in touch. Together we will discuss options that best fit your wishes and create a custom offer for your unforgettable day.

Family Dinner Arrangement

Enjoy a buffet or pre-determined menu together with your whole family

Both Business and Private

A business meeting, family gathering, wedding or just a classic party. We can facilitate it all

Add an Activity

Make the day even more memorable by adding one or more activities

Kids Ahoy!

A big playground right next to De Noorman where kids can let their imagination run free

Cruise at Sea

Have a dinner or lunch cruise at sea, or sail out for a private seal watching tour with your group.

De Noorman at Night
Waddenpavilion De Noorman is a, with thanks to the colourful illuminated harbour, mesmerizing party location after the sun sets.
De Noorman Indoor
The indoor fireplace creates a cosy vibe, especially during the winter. During the summer we can, if requested, place firepits on the terrace.

Waddenpavilion De Noorman
Our base location is Waddenpavilion De Noorman at the end of the Pier in the Lauwersoog harbour.

De Noorman, which has a customizable lay-out made of two connected spaces, can hold up to total of 180 persons and can be used for all kinds of occasions.

The indoor fireplace makes it a cosy place to be during winter. The big outdoor terrace is perfect for those warm summer nights. From the terrace you can also enjoy the mesmerizing lit up harbour at night and see the lighthouse on Schiermonnikoog.

Business Events and Meetings
We can organise unique and both efficient business meetings and events. With a direct view on the Waddensea, somewhere in the middle of the National Park or even at sea!

We can utilize nature as a means of inspiration. Clear your head during a break by taking a walk across the shore or by using one of our activities.

We can also provide in all your needs for an efficient meeting. Bottles of water on the tables, free Wi-Fi, a flip-over board and/or a beamer.

Waddenpavilion De Noorman
Business meetings with a panoramic view over the Waddensea.
MS Silverwind
Ultimate privacy with a business meeting in the middle of the Waddensea.
Take a Break
Clear your head during the break and restart the meeting fully refreshed.
MS Silverwind
Our biggest ship with a double deck, outdoor area, kitchen and bar.
MS Silverwind - Interior
Fully equipped with a bar, a kitchen and staff.
MS Silverwind - Dinner on board
Thanks to its open floorplan the MS Silverwind is perfect for a dinner or lunch at sea.
Museum Ship Lauwers
A classic ship with a rich history, originally used for mainting the buoys at sea.
Museum Ship Lauwers - Interior
De Lauwers being an old ship has a lovely interior. Look out over the water through its classical portholes.

Make it a cruise!
Our tour ship de MS Silverwind can be used for a wide range of purposes. Thanks to its open floorplan it can be modified to suit your individual needs.

Equipped with a bar, a kitchen, two floors and even an outdoor deck this ship is wildly versatile. How about a dinner cruise while sailing across the Waddensea and spotting some seals?

We also have a second, smaller ship, with a rich history. We call it our ‘museum ship’ De Lauwers. With a smaller capacity this ship is perfectly suited for family gatherings and sightseeing tours over both the Waddensea or Lauwersmeer Lake. 

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